Social connection for retirement

Retiring from decades of working life can be an exciting time for some, but pose significant challenges for others

Many of us look forward to the day when we can throw off the shackles of working life to prioritise the things we enjoy and make more of leisure. However, research has shown that retirement can lead to declining health and early mortality, particularly for those whose work defines them and for those who lose valuable social connections as they transition into retirement.


GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement is a program designed to raise awareness of the identity changes people go through in retirement, and the role that social connections play in this, supporting health and well-being during this transition.

Delivered online, GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement is an interactive program that gives retirees vital strategies and skills to:

  • Understand how retirement can change identity, and how this is intimately tied to social relationships.
  • Engage in social planning as they transition out of work.
  • Provide support to adjust to what can be a period of upheaval. 

GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement empowers people to take control of the social changes that are inevitable in this transition, for greater fulfilment in retirement.


The GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement program covers five key areas to help participants successfully transition into retirement:


 GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement supports health, well-being and longevity

Through helping people transition to retirement, the GROUPS 4 HEALTH: Retirement program:

  • Supports health and well-being by improving life and retirement satisfaction.
  • Helps people feel more engaged in retirement planning.
  • Helps people to feel more in control of their transition into retirement, giving them a sense that they will be able to thrive in the transition.

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