Social connection for leadership

Welcome to a new world of leadership, where shared identity ("us-ness") is a platform for performance and well-being

SIGN’s award-winning, evidence-based 5R leadership program helps leaders work with their teams to make them effective and healthy. Based on the principles of identity leadership, 5R helps leaders appreciate the nature of leadership as a group process, and:

  1. to represent the group they lead;
  2. to advance the interests of the group;
  3. to create a sense of shared identity within the group; and
  4. to help group members live out their shared identity.

The program is structured around five modules that can be delivered either face-to-face or online. Over the course of these modules, leaders are helped to put theory into practice in ways that develop them and the teams they lead.

In recent years, 5R has been successfully delivered to a range of leading organisations, both in Australia and the UK.

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 Winner of the Australian Psychological Society's 2017 Workplace Excellence Awards

SIGN’s 5R leadership program helps leaders achieve four key outcomes:

  1. Enhanced team functioning;
  2. Improved well-being and mental health;
  3. Increased group connectedness; and
  4. Commitment to unified team goals and strategies.

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