The Identity Leadership Inventory (ILI)

The Identity Leadership Inventory (ILI) is a theory-driven, validated inventory that assesses four components of identity leadership that centres on leaders management of a shared sense of ‘we’ and ‘us’, as originally laid out in 'The New Psychology of Leadership'.

This four-dimensional model has been validated in multiple strands of research, reported in a 2014 Leadership Quarterly article (read the full article).

The four dimensions comprising identity leadership can be defined as follows:

  • Identity Prototypicality: 'Being one of us'
  • Identity Advancement: 'Doing it for us'
  • Identity Entrepreneurship: 'Crafting a sense of us'
  • Identity Impresarioship: 'Making us matter'

The Identity Leadership Inventory can be administered as either a comprehensive 15-item inventory, or as a short 4-item form.

Access the ILI

The ILI is available under license for general or research purposes, through the UniQuest e-shop. UniQuest is the commercialisation company of The University of Queensland.

The General Use License is ideal for use by individual practitioners for organisational intervention or consulting work (e.g., leadership assessment, development, coaching or training).

The Research License is ideal for use by individual students, academic or teaching institutions. Where the teaching institution is also a consulting service provider, then a General Use License is required. Research Licensees are not permitted to use the ILI for organisational intervention or consulting work.

The License Agreement should be read in full before purchase.

Access the ILI

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