Social connection for health

Social groups are a valuable health resource, but how can you harness them effectively?

The GROUPS 4 HEALTH program shows you how


Our social group connections help us overcome many challenges in life. But these relationships are fragile, particularly in times of life change, such as relocation, parenthood, work changes, or illness. When we lose these connections, we lose the support we need to manage the consequences of change, and we are also at higher risk of loneliness.

Groups for Health logoTackling this head on is GROUPS 4 HEALTH — an evidence-based program that directly targets the health consequences of loneliness and social isolation. Delivered over 5-sessions, GROUPS 4 HEALTH works on improving people's social connectedness through:

  • Empowering people with knowledge regarding the mental and physical health benefits of social connection. 
  • Developing people's skills to build social connections.
  • Increasing people's confidence to create new social connections.

GROUPS 4 HEALTH not only helps people to improve their social connections, it also treats the psychological distress associated with isolation and loneliness, such as depression and anxiety.

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The GROUPS 4 HEALTH program targets loneliness and social isolation through five key modules:

Appreciating GroupsRaising awareness of the value of groups for health and of ways to harness this resource.
Mapping Groups

Developing social maps to identify existing group connections and areas for social growth.

Strengthening GroupsTraining skills to maintain and use existing networks and reconnect with valued groups.
Expanding GroupsUsing the G4H group as a platform to trial trained skills, develop new group connections, and harness these effectively.
Maintaining GroupsReviewing progress, troubleshooting challenges, and reinforcing key program messages.


 GROUPS 4 HEALTH reduces loneliness, social anxiety, and depression.

Through re-connecting people to existing social groups, and helping them to create new connections, the GROUPS 4 HEALTH program:

  1. Improves mental health and well-being;
  2. Reduces loneliness; and
  3. Increases resilience.

The skills and outcomes developed through the GROUPS 4 HEALTH program provides people with the confidence and capabilities to tackle current and future life challenges.

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