The New Psychology of Health wins 2020 Best Textbook Award

10 August 2020

The New Psychology of Health: Unlocking the Social Cure has been awarded the British Psychological Society's 2020 Best Textbook Award.

The ground-breaking book, which explores the link between social connection and good physical health, is authored by the Social Identity and Groups Network's Professors Catherine Haslam and Jolanda Jetten, Dr Tegan Cruwys, Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle, and Professor Alex Haslam.

The New Psychology of Health not only highlights how social connection leads to longer and healthier lives compared to socially isolated people, it also provides a theoretical foundation for understanding and effectively managing a broad range of health-related problems through social identity processes.

This is a fantastic achievement from the SIGN group, and acknowledges the progressive social identity work being conducted by the SIGN group.