Launch of the HERA GROWTH Program

25 Nov 2022

SIGN Centre Director Professor Catherine Haslam recently attended the HERA launch at the Customs House, bringing together members of the GROWTH team with industry partner representatives from Relationships Australia, Ballycara, Lives Lived Well, Bolton Clarke, Salvation Army and Southern Queensland Rural Health.

The GROWTH program targets the prevention and management of loneliness, and will pioneer a new integrated, sustainable community-focused approach that leverages UQ’s intervention program, GROUPS 4 HEALTH (G4H), in ways that help people to optimise and manage their access and use of existing community resources and social prescribing initiatives. Working with academic and community partners who support young people and older adults GROWTH aims to empower people to manage loneliness when it presents, but also to prevent its occurrence which is needed to reduce the health burden and cost of loneliness at scale.

Through the Vice-Chancellor’s Health Research Accelerator (HERA) initiative, the University of Queensland (UQ) is investing in a new health and medical research model and capabilities to address the most pressing health and medical research challenges of our time.